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Felix and Julian met at an early age. Because they are brothers.
They became principal partners at Nightjar, LLC on the easily remembered date of 1.1.2000. 

Felix pursued a Graphic Design career and graduated Summa Cum Laude from UCLA, as the Chancellor's Marshall of his department. Not noted as an avid outdoorsman in his youth, he sketched, doodled, played video games, drew, animated and became incredibly proficient at computers and what they do.

Julian studied Philosophy in London, but, having joined a Frank Zappa cover band as lead guitarist at his University, switched to music. He practically grew up in a studio, and it is said one of his first words was "Studer,” referring to the state of the art Swiss multitrack recorder his father's famous Musicland Studios was outfitted with.

Together, they understand music and gaming, and what they mean to the listener, the player, the performer, and the creators - and how to communicate that essence, that vibe, that feeling to your audience.

Don't be shy and drop us a line. We are chatty.
Well, Julian is.

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