games, marketingFelix Mack


games, marketingFelix Mack

Knight Legends is a freemium model, social-mobile card battle game. This trailer was produced for the game's unveiling at mobile publishing giant GREE's booth at the Tokyo Game Show, and as part of their online marketing strategy.

We delivered the international as well as Japanese versions of the trailer, in close coordination with the producers at gumi, the games' developer in Japan.

Nightjar developed the concept from the ground up, interplaying the fantasy kingdom of knights-in-armor with the modern and techy mobile gaming worlds, while always highlighting the central theme of the game - the trading cards themselves.

By casting social media star and SYFY channel personality LeeAnna Vamp (over 1M combined followers) in the role of the sword swinging heroine, the trailer made its way off the show floor and into phones far and wide.

  • Concept and Storyboard 

  • Logo Adaptation, Localization and Animation

  • Motion Graphics, Card Animations and Particle Effects

  • Live Action Sequence Shooting

  • Green Screen and Compositing

  • Music, Sound FX, Mixing, Sweetening and Mastering

  • Props, Wardrobe, Talent Casting

  • Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Color Grading and Finishing

  • Final Delivery and Compression for Mobile, Web and Convention Booth