Nightjar created over 600 unique art assets for MARVEL’S SPIDER-MAN, the fastest selling Playstation exclusive and best selling super hero title of all time, breathing life into the sprawling urban playground fans all over the world adore.

  • Custom Themed Boot Logo

  • Billboards & Store Signage

  • In-Game Brand Logos

  • Graffiti & Street Art 

  • Animated Interfaces (FUI)


What a thrill to be wedged between the iconic SONY and MARVEL logos! Working closely with Insomniac Games’ Chief Brand Officer, we created a web-slinging themed developer logo. It not only greets players when they start the game, but is also featured in all trailers and marketing.


It’s always fun going overboard with information and status displays! MJ gets a dose of OSCORP marketing, watching videos showcasing their latest high-tech scientific innovations. The M.E.D. looks particularly interesting, and maybe a bit familiar?

Billboards & signage

No big city experience is complete without the ubiquitous outdoor advertising assaulting our visual cortex. From banking to beauty products to museums, musicals and movies, to small Chinatown restaurants and local businesses hanging out their shingles, Nightjar created countless brand identities and ads that dot the streetscape.

A midnight swing through the neon jungle of Times Square is highly recommended.


The mission was to keep it authentic and diverse. We achieved this goal by recruiting and coordinating a global team of talented Graffiti writers, who contributed amazing pieces in both digital and analog form. Yes, those are real paint drips, and our studios smelled like fresh spray paint for days!

To ensure realism, we worked closely with a leading graffiti authority to create a style guide that served as a scale and placement reference for the environment team.


From local pizza joints to hipster barbershops, Nightjar created brand logos and store signage for the businesses inhabiting Spider-Man’s Manhattan.


Recreating the colorful signage for chinatown was a blast - and also a first: Chinese typography!

Hand props

Today’s games offer an amazing level of detail, letting gamers explore a world complete with campaign rally signs, band gig posters, blood test results, candy, diplomas, pizza boxes, soda cans and even fridge magnets.